Aluminium venetian blinds are made from high tensile aluminium, our aluminium Venetian blinds give you complete control over light, heat, air and privacy.

One of the biggest benefits consumers are drawn to is their hardwearing properties. This combined with their low maintenance and instant style makes them a popular dressing for any home. Operation is simple, either by using a child-friendly wand system, they are completely moisture proof making them ideal for wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Their versatility makes them an easy fit for any lifestyle development with different colours and their contemporary look offers consumers an attractive appeal. All venetian blinds are custom-made to meet your needs exactly.

For an economical and stylish window solution, aluminium venetian blinds are a seamless solution for all rooms in your home.

To check out our full range of indoor aluminium Venetians, come in and see our Perth showroom in Nedlands and have a chat with us today!

Louver Sizes
Slimline 25mm
Standard 50mm