Phoenixwood is a sustainable hardwood that is fine grained, soft and warp resistant and these qualities make it ideal for the construction of interior wooden shutters. This timber is fast growing and can be harvested in 5 years which enables us to use this wood as our mid level grade. It is also amazingly light allowing for use on wider span shutters. This wood is available in 16 rich and earthy stains or 8 décor paints and will retain that unique textured feel.

Normandy Phoenixwood Brochure

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Phoenixwood Shutter Specifications

Colour Options 21 paint & 29 Stains
Stile Profile Beaded, Chamfer
Louvre Type Elliptical & Flat
Louvre Width 63,89,114/60,84
Louvre Thickness 10,12,12/10,10
Stile Width 50,57
Stile Thickness 25
Rail Thickness 21
Maximum Panel Height 3000
Divider Rail required for
panels over
Tilt Rod Centre, Offset, Easy Tilt
Hinged Panel Width (max) 920 (63mm louvre)
1095 (89mm louvre)
1095 (114mm louvre)
920 (60mm louvre)
920 (84mm louvre)
Hinged w/Centre Stile
Panel Width (max)
Hinged Bi-fold
Panel Width (max)
Hinged Bi-fold
Panel Height (max)
1900, must have bottom frame
Fixed Panel with Centre Stile
Panel Width (max)
Track Bi-fold Panel Width (max) 700
Track Sliding with Centre Stile
Panel Width (max)
Track Sliding with Co-Joined Stile
Panel Width (max)
Posts 90° Corner Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
135° Bay Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
Custom Angle Corner & Bay Posts
25mm T-Post (L/Z/HS) & (D)
Headboard/Sideboard Sizes 100, 160, 200 x 19mm
Pelmet Fascia Sizes 62, 101, 146mm